Our strategy

Blandford Capital invests in companies that can benefit from our access to capital and expertise.

We understand the importance of relationships and work collaboratively with management teams, providing financial and operational support to help businesses reach their full potential.

Our experience has shown that active involvement in our investments creates real value for all stakeholders. While not operating partners, we take a hands-on approach to portfolio management.

Our expertise

Blandford Capital’s Founding Partners are senior and experienced executives from the UK investment and restructuring community. Our skillset provides a powerful partnership tool for the businesses and individuals that we work with.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver. We deploy capital under time pressure and have a demonstrable track record of often doing so as quickly as within a week of introduction.

Our partners’ varying experiences in supporting businesses through periods of change and growth sees us truly add value when managers make critical decisions. As transformational investors, we make long-term decisions to access untapped potential.

Our criteria

As a private investment office, we offer flexible and agile financing solutions. 

Our focus is to invest in businesses with turnover between £30m and £200m.

We operate across three key verticals:

Equity opportunities – MBOs, MBIs, P2Ps, carve-outs, secondary purchases, replacement capital

Non-equity solutions – short-term lending, alternative finance solutions including bridge finance

Growth capital – unlocking business potential through access to expertise and flexible financing solutions from experienced investors, a controlling position is not a prerequisite

We focus on investing in these markets, working with companies equally focused on corporate social responsibility, and partnering with managers who act honestly and ethically.

Our Philosophy

Our team embody the Blandford Capital values, acting with integrity, empathy and respect.

As a company, we believe that we have a social responsibility to help others. To this end we are proud of our silent partner at Blandford Capital – Charity. We are firmly committed to giving back to the community, and donate our time and a portion of all of our profits to outstanding and impactful causes.

We are genuinely passionate about making a difference to the lives of those who depend on the charities we support, and are always excited to meet people who are similarly aligned to making a positive contribution to society.